Email Marketing

In today's internet era, email marketing is amongst the most powerful
tools to connect with your target audience.

The most innovative companies in the world have joined the Customer Success movement and built their customer management processes on the award winning Gainsight platform. With Gainsight, your team can:

We help clients create effective email marketing campaigns by way of easy-to-use templates, offering reporting features to monitor your campaign, and above all, by working alongside them at every step of the process to eliminate any bottlenecks in the process.

Not only do our regular newsletters and mailers generate a bonhomie with your subscribed customers, they also help you contemplate the most effective business strategies based on the results of the online surveys.

Our innovative and ground-breaking solutions are tailor made for the success of your business. HTML e-marketing templates are coupled with customizable templates on a simple drag and drop interface. No, the e-mail campaigns are not brainless junk ready to be trashed, rather a team of content specialists engineer every single word and come up with effective saleable campaigns that are scheduled for the ‘golden time’. The auto-responders and delivery reports make your life as an enterprise even easier. We, at TactTree, understand that your database is pivotal to the success of your business, and therefore, handpicking the right recipient for your email campaigns is our prerogative.

We go the full circle, using our intelligent tracking systems to ensure that every sales campaign is executed to perfection, thus helping you optimize the returns on your sales spend and effort.

How we facilitate email marketing

  • Create HTML email marketing templates
  • Customize templates in our drag-and-drop editor
  • Schedule your email campaign
  • Create impactful email campaigns with the help of our experts
  • Auto responder mails as and delivery reports when required
  • Handle and arrange your list of contacts and segregate them based on the requirements of different campaigns
  • Dispatch emails
  • Track campaign performance with several tracking tools and performance estimators

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